On the value of salt, French royalty, and Austria’s most notorious art theft

Salt made Austria rich.

In a country without gold, silver, or even a port, salt deposits from the prehistoric sea under the alps was a precious resource for trade. People received their wages in salt. The city…

Why Vienna’s residents took a stubborn bird to heart

There should be more statues of animals in the world.

Edinburgh has Greyfriars Bobby, an unassuming statue of a Skye Terrier that guarded his master’s grave for 14 years. His nose is kept burnished by tourists who touch it for luck.

Sorry, millennials. We’re not the first generation to go mad for indoor gardening.

The Victorians made the world smaller. They industrialised. They streamlined the telegraph and the postal service. They invented the telephone. They went out into the world and explored for queen and country and they travelled for fun…

Mairi Bunce

Copywriter, literature grad, incorrigible sweet tooth, collector of Austrian historical trivia, pub quiz champion.

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